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Wee IWB Deluxe Holster, Black & Tan
Excellent customer service from start to finish. Great quality holster!
Scott did an awesome job molding the Wee IWB Holster to my Sig P227. There isn't anything I would suggest improving or changing. The versatility of this holster is well thought out and the quality of materials used are top notch. I can adjust the draw as well as the cant, making this the perfect holster! Thank you!




Celtic Holsters
Iwb single clip wee celtic holster.
The willingness to make a perfect product for one individual.
Were to start, how about the original holster. Made exact to my spec. I received my wee celtic for a S&W sheild 9mm. I started wearing the holster on a daily bases for about the first 2-3 weeks after I got it. Then I learned something about myself I never knew. My side in which I wear started to become sore and very irritated. So I stopped wearing the holster for a while it was causing skin rash that was very uncomfortable. But only where the leather touched bare skin. And this happened everytime i would try to wear it. I finally talked to a doctor about it. He suggested the possibly of a reaction to either the tanning of or the cowhide it's self. Feeling like I was out of options, except to buy another holster I decided to call the gentlemen here at celtic. To my surprise they really wanted to help me out. So I sent it back and they tryed covering the back with some fabric. I wore it for a while with the same effect. Again feeling like this holster isn't going to work the men at celtic stayed with the goal to make ME a comfortable holster.
Now I can say that's what they did. I was asked to send the holster to them again they wanted to try some natural horse hide they got in. I am pleased to say it's been over a month now no rash hardly no discomfort. I am very please with all the hard work that was put in to helping me the customer.
Don't be afraid to give a celtic holster a try I believe if you have a legitimate reason for not liking your product the guys at celtic holsters will try there best to do you right.

Top notch customer service. Thank you celtic holsters.


Full Tact Celtic OWB Holster
Perfect construction, with flawless fit & finish
When I first tried on this holster which I bought for my Springfield XD9 Subcompact I couldn't believe that it not only fit perfectly close to me but I hardly felt that I was wearing a holstered firearm at all. On top of that the holster was made exactly to fit my Viridian C5L attached to my XD9.
It's so comfortable it's hard to believe. I love it and I'd recommend it to anyone and everyone.



Wee Celtic IWB Holster* Black & Tan
It's the most comfortable IWB holster I own! It's also the most beautifully made.
When I received this holster it was like it had been made specifically for my firearm. The fit is perfect, the design is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, and I've been shooting for over 60yrs! I would recommend this to anyone!
I love it!




Wee Celtic IWB Holster* Black & Tan* Black Carbon Fiber Holstex
The Entire Holster is Stunningly Superb
I received my Wee Celtic IWB Holster* Black & Tan*using Black Carbon Fiber Holstex, on Saturday September 3, 2016. I expected a well crafted and attractive IWB holster which I have literally dozens of. I have been shooting for 60+Years. I bought this holster for my CZ 75 P - 01 9mm. When I opened the package I was completely stunned. This was one of the most well-crafted, beautiful IWB holsters I had ever seen and now possess. I have worn it since I put my firearm in the perfect fit holster. I felt like a boy on Christmas morning. The quality of materials and construction is virtually perfect. I have a lot of experience with well made holsters and the opposite. This Wee Celtic IWB is as well made or better than virtually all the rest of my IWB's. I almost feel foolish hiding the perfect quality in concealment. I will, without doubt purchase more and I plan on acquiring an OWB next so when I go to my club I can show off the "Celtic Quality." Thank-you Scott, for making me such a satisfied and now, loyal customer. I have to add, if you haven't made up your mind as to whether to purchase your next holster from Celtic, think strongly in favor of doing so. You will be very happy with your decision. I know I am!


IWB Single Cip
Beautiful Holster. Perfect fit for my XDS. The "We the People" Flag looks amazing. The pink ribbon is an awesome tribute to my daughter in law who is a breast cancer survivor.


celtic holsters llc
wee celtic for ruger lcr
small size, great disign.
I have used the wee for a few days now, everything I have read about it is true, fantastic sums it up. Going to need one for a smith Wesson 3913 in a while. thanks again Scott.




Wee holster for Springfield XD 9 Mod 2
Excellent customer care and quality product
I purchased a Wee holster over a month ago while I was in Kansas City and ended up making it home (3 hours away) with a holster for a 3" barrel rather than the 4". I called Scott and he instructed me to mail my holster so he could get to work on the correct one. Even through the busy holidays in the middle of December he was able to take care of a single first-time customer promptly and get the mix-up fixed. I received my new holster in great condition and it fits like a glove on me and secures the gun perfectly.

Not only do you get a great, hand assembled quality holster that you can depend on, but you also get excellent customer care with the utmost respect. Now that's how you run a business!




Wee Celtic IWB
Fit my PPS and laser perfect!
You made a Wee Celtic IWB for my Walther PPS with a Viridian C5 compact light and laser. This is the Perfect holster for this setup! Draws and reholsters fine and holds it tight to the body with adjustable angle. Now I feel great about carrying my ideal setup, but especially at night!



Marty A

OWB Snuff holster
This is EXACTLY what the Dr ordered!!
I lost my clip-on snuff holster when I was in Sturgis this year and was PO'd. Scott and crew tackled an out of the box problem and solved mine. Thanks guys for tackling this one!!!


I've been wearing my Shield in it for about a month now (walking, driving, sitting, running...everything but swimming), and it just keeps getting more comfortable! This is my first time wearing an IWB holster, but I have to tell you, I will be ordering again from you in the future. 

The quality of your material is outstanding, and aesthetically, it is just a good-looking piece. I've gotten compliments from everyone that has seen it and after trying it on, they were all shocked at how well it fit. The Tan-Tan is a great look if you're not wearing an undershirt to make it blend in, but that Black-Tan is my next purchase. 

I did find that the rough-out on the skin side of the holster was just a little...well, too rough. With a little Obenhauf's leather preservative on the rough-out, it smoothed out nice, it molded a little easier to my shape, and added a little tackiness to the leather so it stays in place even better. Also, the cant-able J-Hook option is awesome.

I hope that your business continues to grow; you make an outstanding line of products that, in my opinion, look and feel 1000 times better than the more popular (and expensive) brand of holsters that everyone raves about. Thank you again for your outstanding work at such a great price. 



I just received a holster for my S&W M&P Shield. It is hard for me to put into words how excited and happy I am. The leather is top notch and feels amazing. The kydex fits my Shield like spandex. I don't think I will be buying a holster from anyone else. The wee-celtic was the exact holster I was looking for. It combines the comfort of leather and the form fitting retention of kydex. PERFECTION