Frequently Asked Questions

Which IWB holster is best for me?


This is a great question and is different for everyone.  While we make a great versatile holster it may not fit the way you want to carry.  There are small ways we can customize our holsters to fit your needs contact us and we can discuss that.


Our Wee Celtic or Wee Deluxe can be worn in any position on your waist; with the ability to cant while you are wearing it gives you that freedom.  The IWB claw is not needed because the ability to cant allows you to roll it into your body without adding pressure to your body.  It is nice to have one holster that can be worn appendix, on your side before or past your hip bone, and small of the back.

 The leather backing against your body gives you hours of comfort with the security of the kydex shell.


We recommend this holster for any firearm and for those new to carrying.


Our Kydex Wee Celtic is a great all kydex holster and different than 90% of all kydex holsters you see.  It is tuckable, you can adjust the cant, adjustable draw retention, and ride height.


Our Full Celtic is a great double clip option; you are able to obtain a full grip on the bottom of the firearm grip when you draw.  You can also have the sweat guard cut to the sure grip cut at no extra charge.  The adjustment with this holster is ride height, cant and it is tuckable.


Our new Deluxe model allows you to adjust your draw retention with ease.  Also our holsters are designed to keep all of the hardware away from your firearm.  This is why our single clip holsters are so different from most of the holsters on the market!

How long does standard processing take?


Our current production time is 3 weeks unless you have ordered custom kydex with will take 5-6 weeks.

How long does shipping take and what is the cost.


We ship all our domestic packages using First Class mail and normally take 3-5 business days.

Standard shipping and handling are Free for all Domestic shipments.



Aftermarket sights, RMR sights and threaded barrels etc.


We are happy to customize your holster to fit these, please contact us or leave a comment on your order so we can make these adjustments for you.

What is covered in your Lifetime Warranty?


All of our holsters come with a Lifetime Warranty if something is wrong or your holster is not working as designed return it and we will get everything taken care of for you.  This does exclude obvious neglect or alteration!