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Dear Celtic Holsters

I've been wearing my Shield in it for about a month now (walking, driving, sitting, running...everything but swimming), and it just keeps getting more comfortable! This is my first time wearing an IWB holster, but I have to tell you, I will be ordering again from you in the future. 

The quality of your material is outstanding, and aesthetically, it is just a good-looking piece. I've gotten compliments from everyone that has seen it and after trying it on, they were all shocked at how well it fit. The Tan-Tan is a great look if you're not wearing an undershirt to make it blend in, but that Black-Tan is my next purchase. 

I did find that the rough-out on the skin side of the holster was just a little...well, too rough. With a little Obenhauf's leather preservative on the rough-out, it smoothed out nice, it molded a little easier to my shape, and added a little tackiness to the leather so it stays in place even better. Also, the cant-able J-Hook option is awesome.

I hope that your business continues to grow; you make an outstanding line of products that, in my opinion, look and feel 1000 times better than the more popular (and expensive) brand of holsters that everyone raves about. Thank you again for your outstanding work at such a great price. 


Dear Celtic Holsters

I got my J frame Wee today. My snubs have never been happier. Great job Scott. Thanks. -Dan H.

Dear Celtic Holsters

Great job! Received my Wee holster for the M&P Shield, and it is the only IWB holster I have been able to comfortably wear! Going to order the full size IWB. - Dan W

Dear Celtic Holsters

I just received a holster for my S&W M&P Shield. It is hard for me to put into words how excited and happy I am. The leather is top notch and feels amazing. The kydex fits my Shield like spandex. I don't think I will be buying a holster from anyone else. The wee-celtic was the exact holster I was looking for. It combines the comfort of leather and the form fitting retention of kydex. PERFECTION - Ben