About Us

Celtic Holsters provides you with a great handmade holster at a great price.  Our holsters are handmade from 8-10oz top grad cowhide, which is very smooth and molds to your body quickly.  We provide you with a variety of kydex and holstex to provide you with designs and colors so you can customize your holster to fit you.

We offer  you a holster you can trust when you conceal and carry, also one that provides comfort hour after hour.  Our conceal and carry holsters are made so you can obtain a good grip on your firearm when needed, no matter the cut of leather.  With the wide varity of IWB and OWB holsters, along with the comfort and customer service that is provided.  The right choice for your holster needs, is Celtic Holsters!!

Our rule of thumb if we won't wear we won't sell, that is why Celtic Holsters is the KNOT you can trust!   

Lifetime Warranty, we stand behind our product!